Service schedules for A160/2002 Petrol

Following a number of requests for information on the servicing schedule for the above car I will attempt to put forward a list of items covered by each service. Please note that this applies to the petrol model 'A' Class.

Please note
To undertake a service on any car, good sound knowledge of cars and mechanical skills are required, it will also be found that to do the job correctly a number of tools are required, some being beyond the toolbox of the average DIY mechanic, we therefore have to bear in mind that some tasks on modern cars will be beyond our capability due availability of tools or lack of expertise; at which point we must and should seek professional help.
In the main the A & B service will be within the scope of the average DIY and the tools required will be in the main standard to modern cars, however some special tools such as star drive sockets and other tools will be required to enable you to do the job efficiently and easily. Using the correct tools also helps reduce damage to component parts which can be a costly to replace.

The Service Assyst facility on this car will demand a service every 12 months, any remaining time in miles left on the Assyst indicator which forms part of the dash display will be wiped and Minus sign along with a number of days, as well as an audible warning, will display and be heard.
This warning and display will continue to alert you every time you start the car, until the car is serviced or the Assyst is re-set. The days will accrue two days for every one that the car goes without service over the 365day allocation (twelve month service period) Ie 7 days overdue -14 will display along with the audible warning which will sound for a few seconds and then stop, after which the dash display will also return to normal working.

During the period of display there will be either a one spanner or two spanner icons showing centre to the instrument cluster. This indicates the service required 'A' or 'B' that is due, 'A' being a minor service, single spanner, 'B' being a large service, double spanner.

This list will include items which I carry out that may be in addition to the Mercedes- Benz list, but in my opinion should be included in any DIY service schedule, I will mark them with a red asterisk

The information supplied on this page is based on parts supplied for Mercedes-Benz services both ' A' and ' B along with information contained on their Service sheet, for Active Service Systems (Assyst) edition 29/08/02

'A' Service
The 'P' and Number indicates where to find information relevant to that subject matter on this site.

Check fluid levels top up as necessary:- * Coolant Check anti freeze qualities. P3.43.
* Brake fluid P 3. 28..
* Power steering Pump reservoir. P49.. (If fluid top is reqd. seek out the reason why?)
* Screen wash reservoir. P42..
* Drain engine oil. P46.(27mm socket to remove filter cover)Long extension bar.

* Replace oil filter P46..
* Refill engine oil (4.5 litres Max) P46.
* Check key fob batteries.P6. Replace if required. A 000 828 03 88
* Check all bulbs for correct operation, including number plate & reversing lights. P7.
* Check all interior lighting, front & rear plus glove compartment. dash display, heater display.P8
* Check illumination of symbols on instrument cluster display (Key in in position 2) P44.45.
* Check indicators for correct operation, including repeaters, test hazards warning. (4 way flashers)
* Test Stop lights for correct operation, including high level.P8.
* Check operation of Horn( fanfare)P60.
* Check seat belts for damage and security of fittings
* Lubricate all door hinges.
* Check integrity & operation of windscreen wipers Front & Rear P42
* Check operation of screen washers front & rear P42.
* Inspect & Lubricate the bonnet locking mechanism & hinges
* lubricate the Boot lock mechanism P22
* Check battery fluid level, correct as required, check terminals for sulphation clean as necessary P32..
* Check battery security/fixing. P13 14..
* Inspect exhaust for general condition ,check exhaust hangers for serviceability and fitting.P34.
* Check Tyres, including spare wheel for pressure and overall serviceability, min thread levels.P62.
* Check Brakes overall serviceability/efficiency, including parking brake.P19.27.28.
** Spray front & rear coil springs using duck oil or similar product (rust prevention )P20.
* Re-set Assyst.P35.
* Make a record of your service date, mileage, etc. Retain all invoices for service history.
* Wash & clean car, paying attention to door, bonnet and boot surrounds.
* * Check paint work for minor damage, stone chips and deal with same.P52.
Please note.
If the vehicle has covered a high mileage since the last service it may be appropriate to inspect the brake front pads and rear shoes, to do both only takes a small amount of time and ensures that the brakes will remain trouble free until the next service.

Where a very high mileage has been covered within the twelve month period the Assyst may even call for a 'B' Service following a 'B' This is to ensure that wear components subject to high wear are checked.
Component parts required for 'A' Service. * 4.5 litres engine oil
* Oil filter .
* (27mm socket to remove filter cover)Long extension bar.
* oil sump plug copper gasket

'B' Service.

All items covered on the 'A' service above are repeated on the 'B' service.
Plus the following items.

* Replace Activated carbon filter P23.
* Replace brake fluid every 2 years.P28.
* Coolant, Drain and refill every 3 years P43.
* Replace Air filter.(MB recommend every 4 years)P16.* DIY discretionary recommend every B service years
* Replace Fuel filter P12. more than 48000 miles or four years have elapsed.
* Replace sparking plugs P30.(MB every 30-42000 miles.) DIY discretionary. up to 42000 max.
***(Special tool required to remove ignition module cover)
* Replace wiper blades front and rear as required.P42. (Automatic replacement MB)
** Remove wheels and Inspect front brake pads for wear, inspect and service callipers as necessary
*Note I was informed when I enquired that MB do not remove the wheels to inspect brakes but do visually inspect via the hole in the backs of the drums, and visually inspect the front pads I find this totally unacceptable as the rear drums need to be cleaned to get the best from them and leaks on calliper seals and rear wheel cylinders cannot be detected with the wheels on.
* If it is necessary to replace brake pads, fully service the callipers. P28.
* While each wheel is removed inspect the coil spring for rusting and inspect the shock absorber in each case checking for leaks from the cylinder.
* Inspect brake discs for wear and deep gouging ( Where it is found necessary to replace the brake discs it is good practice to replace the pads as well (always replace these items in pairs to maintain the balance of the new components.)P27.28.
* Inspect the ABS/ESP sender unit on the drive shafts, clean as necessary with an old tooth brush, take care not interfere with detector head.P18.
* Check for seepage from calliper cylinder P28.
* Remove brake drums and clean, check for wear/condition of brake pads, replace as required.P19
* Check for seepage of brake fluid on wheels cylinders P20.
* Also inspect composite rubber brake hoses (flexible hoses ) for signs of perishing P19
* Inspect metal brake pipes for corrosion. Check security of brake hoses and clips. P19
* Inspect all components associated with the steering, for play and wear, including steering rack for leaks and security..
** lubricate lower steering joint , grease sliding sleeve.(column joint)P49
* Check condition of poly -V-Belt P57.
* Check all wheel bearing for play
* Check rear swinging arms for wear and lateral movement in the bearings.P21.
* If fitted check tow ball for security and wear, check auxiliary electrics for correct operation. page32
** Drop/lower under body floor pans and spray under body with duck oil (rust prevention)
* Check the two Check the two rear door (boot Lid) hydraulic rams for leaks P25.
* Wash/inspect paintwork paying attention to areas of damage such as paint chips
* Inspect & Lubricate the bonnet lock mechanism & hinges (Any wear found in the bonnet locking mechanism and the assembly should be replaced)P22..
* Clean interior, If cleaning upholstery sample test product for suitability on unseen area prior to general application
* Apply suitable plastic cleaner to areas of plastic
* Clean leather with suitable leather cleaner preservative, **this includes the steering wheel (** DO NOT USE POLISH)

Components required for the 'B' Service.
* * 4 x Sparking plugs. MA003 159 75 03/26
* 4.5 litres engine oil
* Oil filter MA166 180 02 09
* Oil sump plug copper gasket
* Engine Air filter MA166 094 00 04
* Activated carbon Filter (Dust filter) MA168 830 08 18
* Fuel Filter. MA 002 477 38 01
* Fuel filter Hose clips x 3 MN916002 012 100
* Coolant concentrate. MA000 989 08 25/10
* Screen wash concentrate. MQ36003171
* Brake fluid. MA000 989 08 07/10
* Brake cleaning agent, (brake dust can be harmful to your health , Do not use air lines to clean brake assembly /components, use aerosol cleaning agent.
* Hydraulic fluid (Power steering reservoir.( this item should not be required unless there is a leak on the system , correct fault top up.
* Front windscreen wiper blades. 1 x MA166 820 08 45, 1 x MA 168 824 05 27
* Rear Wiper blade

* When Undertaking servicing 'A' or 'B' be alert and look for chafing of brake hoses brake cables electrical wiring etc see page 54
* While working under and around the car monitor the condition of rubber bushes, track rod ends, Drop link bushes etc. any problems spotted should be inspected further and corrected accordingly
* Inspect rubber boots and gaiters for splits or wear and replace as necessary
Be aware that splits in gaiters can cause a car to fail an M.O.T (Ministry of Transport Test)

Other items charged for on my 'B' Service included:-* Fuel cleaner
* Car care kit
* 'Superlube'

I am not aware if these items are charged for on every 'B' Service as standard
Of the three the only one that may be required is the fuel cleaner, it is reference on my bill was only ZFSC priced 10.95 so what ever make it is it should be good! 'Superlube' was aerosol spray lubrication for door locks, hinges etc priced @ 3.85 and the Car care kit @.89pence, paper square to protect the carpet and protection for the drivers seat? Nothing that can't be provided by the car enthusiast.

Since the formation of this page I have been in contact with Mercedes-Benz customer services UK . They have confirmed that Fuel System Cleaner does not fall within their definition of fuel additives. As outlined and prohibited on page 25 of your Service Booklet. ref part Number 168 584 02 93. The ref to quote should you ever suffer a problem as a result of using such cleaners is:- Lisette/Case number 1-498321446/29.03/06. Rowe
Mercedes Customer Services UK, Tel 00800 17 777 777 option 3,
Fax 02079 75 70 74

Copies Of service /Check sheets
I have added the check sheet used by the service department carrying out a 'B' service on my own car, which indicates what has been done, and what extra's are required at a given mileage/age.
If you have not seen these sheets before then I suggest you ask for a copy following your next service, it is no good paying for a professional service if you do not know what has been carried out.

Re setting the service ASSYST
If on the other hand you have done your own service then you will need to re-set the service ASSYST, this will automatically display the miles to the next service as well as the service A or B, and this is done with the blessing of Mercedes-Benz, well they do give the procedure in the handbook , it is also on my technical information page.

Having said that, it is easier said than done last year following my B service I re-set the ASSYST no problem, this year following a very thorough 'A' service, I was unable to reset even after several tries I failed, So I sought the professional services of John Haynes Worthing's Independent Mercedes-Garage, and where you can see some real Classic Mercedes of the past. On one of my previous visits I saw two fantastic classic limo's being picked up on transporters following their service for their trip back to London. They had come to John's Garage and yet must have passed many garages dealing with Mercedes on the way. That has got to say a lot for the service and knowledge that John & his team of mechanics and staff including parts department who are always helpful and friendly, something you will defiantly not find in you average Mercedes franchise Branch, no matter how large or sophisticated albeit I have no problem with the staff on the service team at the Chichester branch who are also helpful, although I feel their service is prohibited by the high service costs along with the extra charged for. when I explained my problem to John he immediately dealt with it and one of his mechanics had the ASSYST re-set in seconds. www.mercedesj-a-haynes of my arrival and John didn't charge me either. Thank you John your help was very much appreciated.

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