W169 Replacing Rear light bulbs.
Rear Red Reflectors. 'Be Seen'.

Special note.
The single pole, top bulb in each cluster is duel purpose It provides rear light and stop light when the brake pedal is pressed. The bottom single pole bulb on the off side (RHD) provides rear light and High visability when the switch is operated. The vehicle has twin rear lights top and bottom of each cluster.

Replacing bulbs in Rear lamp Cluster.

Replacing rear light bulbs is very easy and could be done at the road side providing you have spare bulbs.
When driving outside the UK you are required to carry spare bulbs.

When the main lighting switch is in the Parking Light position, Near-side or Off-side only the bottom bulb of the rear light cluster lights.

When Side lights are selected on the main lighting switch both top and bottom bulbs of the cluster light.

1. Open the hatch on the side of the defective bulb. The available room for working will depend on the equipment installed on your car.

The near side is full with components, Warning triangle, Jack, first aids kit etc, however these can be removed to create more space. However in both cases it is possible to change the defective bulbs.

In my W169 A150 2009 model the off side locker is full of components associated with the Eco Start feature and parking assist fitted to the vehicle.

2. You will need a coin or large flat bladed screw driver to access the off-side hatch on which the securing button turns clockwise to open.

The near-side button turns ant-clockwise to open.

3. Once the hatch is open, looking towards the rear of the vehicle the bulb holder's in each case can be seen.

4. To remove the bulb holder lightly squeeze the white projecting wings 2 x sets of 2 and the complete bulb holder can be removed.

I have owned cars since I was 18 years old some 58 years and still I am learning .
In this case the light cluster off side of the vehicle , lower rear light bulb which is a single pole bulb also serves at the High Visability lamp when main lighting switch is turned to rear High visability, The single element in the bulb simply doubles in power giving an intense light. Do not ask me how! What I do know is that this would normally have called for a twin pole bulb.

There is no need to remove the electrical connector.

However should the need arise squeeze the clips either side of the contact block the release it from the bulb holder. it will snap back into place.
It cannot not be incorrectly fitted.

5. Replace the defective bulb's.
6. Replace in reverse order, the bulb holder which will snap into place.

Rear door (open) warning lamp

1.This lamp can be eased out of its location and comes complete with the festoon bulb.

2. position and slide the lamp back into its Housing.

Number plate lights

1.The clear lens can be removed by carefully easing it out of its location with small flat bladed screw drivers .

Replace festoon bulb.

3. Replace the lens it is returned in the position held in this photo and slides into two grooves in the lamp housing

Brake light cluster in rear window.
1. This appears to be a LED stipe and could be replaced by removing the rear screen washer motor. I have not ventured further with this lamp cluster.

Spare Bulb's

My advise in respect of spare bulbs would be not to purchase until you have confirmed what bulbs your vehicle is fitted with, different headlamp styles may require different bulbs.
Mercedes Benz Main dealers and independent Mercedes-Benz garages should be able to supply the correct bulbs using you Vin number. Other outlets may not have the correct information available.

The Mercedes Benz Bulbs in the bulb kit Part Number B6 681 0021 are:-
I have yet to confirm the bulbs in the kit are the same as fitted to the headlamp's.

2 x PY21W For use in Front indicators ( coloured orange) 2 x WY5W Font Indicators
1 x P21/4W Twin Element, Clear
2 X 12V 21W E4 H4 single Element, Clear
1 X W5W 2 X Festoon Clear (Interior light)
1 x N072601 012803 Headlamp bulb location Not defined. 1 X N400809 000007 Headlamp bulb. Location Not defined 3 X Standard spade fuses, 1x 10amp Red, 1 x 20amp Yellow, 1 X 15amp Light Blue.

It is worth noting that in the event of a rear/tail light bulb failing that the reversing light bulb can be used , being replaced as soon as possible.

Front lights allow you to see where you are going and your speed can be adjusted accordingly if a bulb fails .

Rear lights enable other drivers to see YOU. Replace failed light bulbs in the rear of your vehicle as a matter of priority
It may save you being involved in an incident(accident) with serious consequences.

There is reference in the handbook to vehicles fitted with Bi-Xenon, headlights which states that vehicles with Xenon headlamp's should always these changed by a Mercedes-Benz workshop. That applies if you have the D1S 35 *32 unit fitted.

In my W168 I ran LED bulbs in the rear light cluster and front parking/side lights. However when I tried them in the W169 they would not function, So I now observe the MB guidance of only fitting the bulbs specified.

Be Seen at Night
The need for your vehicle to be seen at night whilst driving and being parked cannot be over stressed.
The UK highway Code extract
Parking at night (rules 248 to 252) Rule 248
You MUST NOT park on a road at night facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in a recognised parking space.
Laws CUR reg 101 & RVLR reg 24
Rule 249
All vehicles MUST display parking lights when parked on a road or a lay-by on a road with a speed limit greater than 30 mph (48 km/h)
Law RVLR reg 24

The above Requires vehicles to be parked in the direction of travel which ensures vehicles approaching the parked vehicle will see red reflectors to the rear.
However the trend today is to have clear lens on rear light clusters with coloured bulbs which display red when operating.
This trend does not afford the occupants of the car or the vehicle any protection if broken down with battery failure or defective bulbs.
I mentioned earlier that 'Advantgarde' and 'Elegance' models have red warning lights in the doors which are lit when the door is opened BUT the Classic SE has not, apart from the 5th door.

On my own Classic SE I have ensured that my occupants and I have at least the same protection as the other models by using reflective tape which lights/reflects as vehicles approach the rear car at night.
If the battery has failed or you are changing a wheel having suffered a puncture, good warning is given to the drivers approaching your vehicle even in the darkest of condition but I hear you say I have a warning triangle! When did you last try to erect it? And will you drive off without it like many drivers do?

Being a Classic SE model , it comes without the chrome strip let into the rear and front spoilers although the recess is still present, this has allowed me to insert red reflective tape at the rear and white at the front, as well as a panel where the additional reflectors would be on the 'B' Class models.

I have also put approx two inches of tape on each door which displays when the door is opened but unlike the powered lamps on the other models it is visible without battery power.
The light reflexion in the two bottom photos is as a result of a camera flash only but would be as seen by vehicle approaching the parked vehicle. The intense area of reflexion is the rear lamp cluster reflectors.
There are no lights switched on in this photo although the warning light at the top of the 5th door is lit.

With and without the 5th door open the reflective tape clearly warns approaching drivers of its presence, giving other drivers adequate warning of the vehicles presence and affording more protection for the cars occupants.
It is interesting to note that there is a powered light which is ON in the photo of the boot open BUT it is not as visible as the reflective red tape.
Supplied by:- Affixit.co.uk Reference Red- AFIRT25X10-R and White-AFIRT25X10-W
I purchased a roll of white and red reflective tape quite cheaply off e-bay UK and have masses left to replace that fitted should it be necessary. I also carry reflective tabards for driver and passenger, reflective tabards are now very reasonably price

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