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Mercedes-Benz 'A' Class W169
Classic SE, 2009,

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Introduction to A Class W169 2004/5.
2.2009 W169 'A' Class. .
3..Familurisation, Engine bay / Battery compartment.
4..Remote Ignition key, Emergency entry to vehicle with Demo video. / Battery test/ Replace batteries / Purchase New key.updated 24.09.15
Front Disc Brakes, pads calipers advise
6. Rear Disc Brakes W169
7. Fuses/Relays Location, Fuse Chart, Relay Location & Allocation
8. Boot Area Duel level floor, load anchorage points, spare wheel , tools and other equipment. Water leaks into lower boot area Updated 8.2.14
9. Replace Air Filter
10. Replace Carbon (Pollen)Filter Updated 14.2.14
11. Fit Mud Flaps Front & Rear
12. Front Suspension
13. Rear Suspension.

14. Eco-Start
15. Ignition coil's & Sparking plugs
16. Exhaust System W169
17. Engine Lubrication, check oil level, change oil & oil filter
18. Safety Restraints Systems (SRS) Child seat safety 'Isofix'
19. Windscreen Wipers Front and rear, windscreen washers Front and Rear. New 16/5/13
20. Removable tow bar operation and fitting New 19/5/13
21. Removable Front towing facility
22. Instrument Cluster Display/Re-Set Service Assist New 26/6/13
23. Active Parking Assist. 29/6/13
24.Servicing / Changing engine oil . 4/7/13
25.Problems /Repairs to Fully automatic Transmission. 11.12.13
26.Servicing and Re-setting the a Service Assyst.
27. Removing Plastic Grill, head of bonnet. Access wiper arms, washer nozzles and washer hose.
28. Drive shaft defects W169 & W168
29.MOT (UK)Requirements and information.
30.Replacing /Cleaning the plugs on your w169 petrol engine
31.Defective /Worn timing chain W169 at only 50000 miles 24/5.15
32. Fuel System, EGR Valve 12/6/15
33. Replace Heater/Blower Regulator 21/09/15
34. Replacing Front Light Bulbs W169 03/10/15
35. Replacing Rear Light Bulbs W169 03/10/15
36.Air conditioning Problems W169 10/05/16
37.Problems with electrical sevices in Drivers and passenger doors caused by faulty wiring10/12/19
38.Remove /Replace Self Closing mirrors/Mirrors Drivers door 06/01/20
39.Manual Gear box. Failer of gear change cable nuckle bushes 27/10/20

I will be enhancing the information on each page as well as adding New pages as and when I service the various components on this model of 'A' Class, or information becomes available.

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